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Regant Media
Cyber Marketing
We contributed 471.000$+ to our customer
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Regant Media

Cyber Marketing
We contributed 471.000$+ to our customers
Reached milestone
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We are the only brand that provides corporate strategy-based services.
We are the first official Cyber Marketing brand and serve in 19 countries.
We are the only company that provides a full range and fixed price services.
Entrust your marketing to
Regant Media

We build solid foundations by advancing step by step on strategies and techniques that will yield results regardless of monthly payments.

Each stage during the procedure is seen as separate projects, independent from each other, and the payments are determined on a one-time basis, not monthly. In this way, you can proceed with a result-oriented approach without being bound by a long-term contract.

The only Cyber Marketing brand with its global dimension and full range of truly professional services!
Cyber Marketing
How does our procedure work?
The purpose of our procedure approved by ISO standards is to free our solution partners without relying on 3rd parties, raise awareness and reduce costs.

strategy mapping

This strategy clearly shows which steps the brand will implement step by step during the period determined in the most detailed way and which results it should progress by targeting.

Strategy implementation
and setup

During this phase, each of the techniques in the strategy that has been prepared beforehand is applied. Techniques on digital platforms are installed and activated within the required platforms.


The details of the strategy prepared during this phase and the details of the setup are presented to the brand management team
ve gerekli kişilere eğitim olarak verilmektedir.

and marketing

It is the support of the Regant Media team to ensure the continuity of the preparation strategy and the infrastructure that has been created. Marketing and marketing techniques must be continuously optimized and improved.
Mehmet Safa Aykanat

"Regant Media has become our companion and solution partner, who facilitates our work in marketing management and produces solutions. At the same time, they have combined their experience and success in the sector with their expert team and professional service understanding, and they will be with you in your most difficult moment like a friend."

İsmail Doruk
CELT Colleges
General Manager

"During the time we worked, they proved to be a very successful organization with technical details and customized systems. You can easily find the professional support you are looking for with a full range of services from A to Z."

Levent Tektaş
Levent Tektaş
Patalya Thermal Hotel
General Manager

“We felt safe with customized offers and prices for the service industry. We worked with real professionals and the team involved had no trouble keeping quality and creativity at the highest level.”

Naim Tilbe
Naim Tilbe
Hilton Hotel
Revenue and Reservation Supervisor

"The transparency and honesty presented throughout the procedure was something we were not used to. The procedures and stages, which were prepared especially considering the trust of the customers, both made our work comfortable and allowed us to see the future professionally."

Funda Şalk

"Regant Media`s brainstorming and the program they have prepared have shown that the solid foundations we have laid will rise with the right methods. For this reason, we decided to join our mutual forces and step into better works. Belief, trust, and continuous work lie behind success. For this, as 1Kariyer, we thank Regant Media very much."

Talha Elmalı
Elmalı Group

“The transparency of the procedure and prices was invaluable from a trust standpoint. We have not encountered another company with such a professional process and comprehensive services, and we have achieved more than we expected throughout the project.”

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Comprehensive Corporate Service
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Regant Media team, which can speak more than 9 languages, continues to serve companies in different countries of the world by bringing its service range to more professional limits.

As analysis, strategy, implementation, training, maintenance, and additional services for more than 200 companies in 19 different countries:

More than 600 completed projects.
Countries We Operate
  • Asia - 4 countries
  • Europe - 11 countries
  • North America - 2 countries
  • South America - 1 country
  • Africa - 1 country
Project Distribution
  • 45% Strategy Creation
  • 25% Corporate Training
  • 9% Marketing Maintenance
  • 3% Analyses and Reporting
  • 2% Software Development
Our Goals and Projects
Jan 2021
To adopt new transformations to the service sector.
Jun 2021
To expand the range of services to more than 15 countries.
Dec 2021
To reach the marketing targets of our 200 solution partners.
Mar 2022
To be the solution partner of 300 companies in digital transformation.
Apr 2023
To provide Algorithmic Artificial Intelligence support to our customers.
Feb 2024
To be the solution partner of 1100 local and national companies.
Aug 2025
To provide error-free marketing service with machine learning.
Jan 2026
To present our project to automate the marketing industry.
Dec 2026
Announcing our Metaverse project open to our business partners.
Dec 2027
Announcing our Artificial Intelligence "Regantier" publicly.
Dec 2028
To complete and present the sectoral revolution project.
Jan 2030
The beginning of the social recovery and change project.
The numbers we achieved
Guarantee of Our Procedure
Firms' customer loyalty increased by 71%
Websites completed and delivered to customers
Social Media designs created and delivered
$ advertisement budget achieved and managed
Firms' number of customers increased by 48%
Firms received fully comprehensive marketing strategy

We offer a comprehensive interdepartmental strategy for up to 5 years.

Cyber Branding

Automated and ever-increasing brand identity.

Less Human Error

Our automated systems eliminate human errors.

Transparent Pricing

We do not set prices according to the company, every procedure is transparent.

No Monthly Fees

We promise you a future without being bound by monthly contracts.

Refund Policy

We provide refunds for any contract statement we fail to keep our word on.

Join the cyber future with REGANT TOKEN, increase your value, shape your investments!
Our Book
Our book, written by our CEO Fuad Mirzazade, contains technical and detailed information for the strategies, implementation, and sustainability of Marketing.
  • What is Cyber Marketing?
  • Strategy and strategy elements
  • Marketing techniques and examples
  • How to organize the strategy?
  • Optimization
  • Working with systems
The solution of the future
Regant SaaS
What is it?

Regant SaaS is an Artificial Intelligence software that fully automates the operating systems of companies in the service and production sector.

Who is it for?

It is a software that can be easily used by all corporate companies with more than 20 employees such as hotels, restaurants, factories, and it is compatible with all operating systems.

Regant SaaS

Regant SaaS, which is not open to the market, is supplied only to contracted and contracted companies. Our main goal is to maximize the quality of production and service by eliminating human errors in the sector.


Artificial Intelligence supported accounting automation.


Automated recruitment process and customized training system.


Artificial Intelligence assisted production, supply, and warehouse control system.


Automated Human Resources system and auto control.

Professionalism is an artistic product of intelligence.
Fuad Mirzazade - Regant Media - siber pazarlama
Fuad Mirzazade
Founder & CEO
Our Business Partners
We only do business with the best.

From economic fields to psychology, from entrepreneurship to software development, from architecture to agricultural technologies; It rises by increasing its contributions to the sector by producing activities and ideas in academic, social, or career-oriented fields.


In the process of providing human resources; is a Human Resources company that enables human errors, unfair competition, unprofessional results to evolve internationally with technological solutions and fast procedures.

Elmalı Group

At Elmalı Group, they aim to create solutions for new generation needs by creating b2b or b2c models that users use directly. Being Modern, Professional and Reliable are among its main values.

Regant Media is the only official cyber marketing brand that offers a contractual guarantee of success for all its services and applies a return policy in this direction, and all its prices are transparent..
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We are the first official Cyber Marketing brand and serve in 19 countries.